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Q: Why Should I Care About Politics?

A: Because Politics Effect Everyone – Every Day!


     Better Education for Everyone ? We must work to choose leaders,on the local, state and federal levels who will protect education from further budget cuts, while proposing a platform to make our educational system the best in the world! Our elected leaders must have a clear understanding of what it will take to educate our children for the jobs of tomorrow!

           THE BILLS WE PAY

     We must work to pick lawmakers dedicated to keeping utility rates affordable for everyone. Utilities, like gas, electricity, water and phone depend on PUBLIC utility board members, some of whom are appointed by the governor we pick.


     These will not be clean and safe unless we choose leaders on the local, state and federal levels who will punish abusers of our natural resources. Our elected leaders must believe in working toward reducing the levels of poisonous arsenic in our drinking water. They must oppose foreign garbage being sent to Michigan landfills, stop the flow of sewage into our lakes, rivers and streams and make sure that our Cities, State and Nation have a healthy environment and a healthy economy.


      Our family’s health depends on politicians who are concerned about skyrocketing health care costs and the quality of health care services. This means electing leaders who will stand up against the powerful doctor, pharmaceutical and hospital lobbyists, propose ways to expand health care to more citizens, young and old, middle class and poor, and concentrate on controlling health care costs.

           THE TAXES WE PAY

      Taxes can sometimes overwhelm us. Sales, property and income taxes are set by politicians, and we must choose leaders who will make sure that laws are passed making large corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share of the tax burden.

            THE ROADS WE DRIVE

        Whether Michigan has modern freeways or pothole-ridden streets depends on us electing leaders who authorize the funds necessary for the expansion and improvement of Michigan’s infrastructure. We need to pick leaders who believe in stopping the local, state and federal government from taking money designated for our street’s, roads and freeways to fund other projects.

                 THE PAYCHECK WE RECEIVE

         The types of jobs available and the paycheck workers receive depends on us electing leaders who support fair trade and advocate an industrial policy which encourages industries to keep good-paying jobs here in the United States. We must choose leaders that believe in protecting workers by advocating higher safety standards in the workplace.

                  THE HOME WE LIVE IN

        This depends on politicians who strive to kep home interest rates and property taxes low, while ensuring that enough affordable housing exists for those seeking a home.

                    BUT WHAT CAN I DO?

          The first thing you can do is REGISTER TO VOTE and encourage others to do the same. Thera are many groups that are conducting voter registration drives in almost every area of our state. You can also go to any city or county clerks offices or Secretary of State offices to register. You can even do it on-line by going to the Michigan Secretary of States web site, clicking on the voting tab and filling out a simple forme right on-line. The form is very simple to fill out and only takes an average three to four minuets and it’s free, it wont cost you a cent. The main excuse that a lot of people use is ” I don’t vote because I don’t want to be called for jury duty.”  The problem with that is the State of Michigan does not use the voter registration list to pick people for jury duty, they primarily use the drivers registration and vehical registration lists among other things to pick people to serves on jury duty. To the best of my knowledge there has never has been anyone return their license to the Secretary of State’s Office because they don’t want to be called for jury duty. If you will be 18 years old on or before election day, November the 6th., you can also register to vote before the October 3rd. cut off date for voters registration.

           The second thing to do is reasearch the candidates, for which the computer is an excellent tool. Look not so much about what they say but what they do. Read up on their platforms and listen to the debates. Pick a candidate or a proposal to vote for or against not because they have a catchy jingle or fancy camershai but pick a candidate or a proposal to vote for or against because no matter what party they belong to but how they match your personal beliefs, wishes and needs.

          The third thing to do is consider volunteer to work for the candidate or proposal that you believe in. I know that with work and family we are all quite busy but it takes just a short amount of time, maybe an hour a week to distribute or put up yard signs, answer phones or make phone calls at the local campaign office or hand out pamphlets among other things. The main thing is to become informed and to stand up for what you belive in.

            The fourth and last thing you can do is going to the poles and vote or apply for an absentee ballot and fill it out and return it on time. Be shure to take your driver’s license, state issued I.D. card or school I.D. card or some other form of  I.D. with you when you go to vote. If you forget you can sign an affidavit stating that you have one and bring it back to the poles before they close on election day.

            It’s just that simple to exercise your rights as a citizen. If you don’t vote you have no right to complain afterwards about how the government is doing. One of the county clerks told me that they expect an average turn out on election day of about 20 to 25 % . Think about it just 20 to 25 % of the people of this country are going to pick out the candidates and decide on the issues that 100% of people of this country will have to live with for the next four years. I think that is very scary don’t you. Yours and your family’s future depends on what you do in the political arena today.

         As usual please feel free to write in an express your feelings for or against what I have written. I belive that  frank and honest discussion  is one of the maine ways we can solve the problems that we all face together. Thanks.


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