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Making Michigan a Right To Work State

The post copied below was taken from a Republican blog dated 12 November 2012. I think that it is a very good example of what I have said before (see earlier post about proposal 2) that if proposal 2 did not pass what would happen.

In the past Governor Snyder has said that ” making Michigan a right to work state was not on his agenda.” Now that doesn’t mean that it is not on the Legislators agenda and he has refused to say if he will sign it into law is it comes across his desk from the State Legislators.

The Michigan House and Senate have 80 some bills right now ready to go to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law such as the Right to Work for Less bill, a bill to abolish the Michigan Health and Safety Act, and a bill making it illegal in the State of Michigan for workers to picket. just to name a few.

    In the next few articles that I post I will try to show why I think that making Michigan a Right To Work State would be a very grave mistake and would severely hurt Michigan Workers while making Michigan Corporations and the upper 1 to 2 % richer and the middle class and the poor even poorer than they all ready are.
     I should also note that the facts and figures listed below by Mr. Hogendyde come directly from the Mackinaw Center which is directly associated with and receives a large part of its financing from the American Legislative Exchange Committee (A.L.E.C.) which I will also try to explain more about in the following posts.

By J. Gillman
Jack Hoogendyk offers a timely opinion on a very important matter.

It is time for Michigan to become a right-to-work state. If ever the conditions were perfect for this to happen, they are right now. Consider:

•We have a Speaker of the House who has publicly expressed support for RTW.
•A solid majority of House members and, I believe, Senate members have expressed a willingness to vote for a RTW law, if it comes to a vote on the floor.
•We have a Governor who has pledged to sign a RTW bill if it gets to his desk.
•We have a veto-proof majority in the Senate.
•Three unabashedly pro-union ballot proposals were soundly defeated at the polls last week.
•Indiana became the 23rd RTW state this year.
•Wisconsin, the birthplace of public-sector unions has beaten back multi-million-dollar efforts by the union bosses to recall the governor and many legislators. In spite of their efforts, the governor remains and the Assembly and Senate have retained or won back Republican majorities.
•Polling data has shown that a solid majority of Michigan residents support RTW for Michigan.
•We are entering the “lame-duck” session, a time when anything can happen, and usually does.
•There is a wealth of data to give evidence that right-to-work states create more jobs, more wealth, fewer residents on welfare, higher per-capita disposable income, and much more. Find the data here and here.
With all this compelling data, and circumstances being as ideal as they have ever been, what is holding up the legislation that has already been written, from being introduced in the House and the Senate?

The answer lies with one person, the Majority Leader of the Senate, Randy Richardville. He has gone on record opposing RTW in Michigan. In spite of the fact that a majority in the House and the Senate, and the people of Michigan support RTW, and the governor has agreed to sign the bill, Mr. Richardville has flatly refused to support this bill.

It is time to encourage the Majority Leader to support RTW or to respectfully ask him to step out of the way and allow this bill to be heard and voted on. He can vote against it if he wishes, but I believe the Senate will pass it if given the opportunity, the House will follow suit, and the Governor will quickly sign it.

Please contact Randy Richardville here and respectfully ask him to give Right-to-work for Michigan an up or down vote. Let’s put job creation in the Great Lakes State on the fast track.


Jack Hoogendyk


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