Banding together for Peaceful Social Justice for all people.

CNN: Hillary Clinton says she is an Electoral College elector in New York.

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The Many Things In My Toy Box view may change due to verifiable evidence

Status Quo Defenders!

Who is defending the status quo right now?



Research Posts from a Shadow Bard

Sarcastic in the middle.

The Diversity of Classic Rock

Rock and Roll With Inclusion

This Is My Truth

Dreams, desire, hopes, expectations, a touch a kiss, a long road, a destination unknown...this is my truth. A collection of writing by a woman unconventional, unapologetic and un-every order.

The Real Truckmaster

Religion, Politics, Military, Humor

Tracy Abell



Random thoughts -- My karma ran over my dogma. ALL OF THIS IS JUST MY HUMBLE OPINION (Backed-up by FACTS!).


Chris Sterry expressing views and thoughts on disability issues and other interests.


කලියුගයට - ජනයුගයක්

The London Free Press

London, ON News | Local Latest Headlines | Ontario, Canada & World | LFP

On The Fence Voters

Analysis & Discussion For Political Uncertainty


Breaking News for Black America

Top Loreal Secrets

The True Story About Loreal That The Experts Don't Want You To Know

Occupy Democrats

Banding together for Peaceful Social Justice for all people.

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