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The Pending Goverment Shutdown.

With the deadline fast approaching  it seems like all the Republican and the Tea Party want to do is play more games. The latest that I heard is the Teapublicans are willing to pass a temporary budget but only if Present Obama  delays implanting The Affortable Health Care act for one year. They’re are also a demanding that the President  severely restrict or abolish woman’s access and rights to contraceptives.

They say that thy really don’t want to shut down the Government and are just trying to protect the American people. To this I say B☆☆l S☆☆☆t. The only thing they’re are trying to protect is themselves and the wishes of there finachal backers on the far, far right.

The poor, the uninshured and the underinsured are the ones that the AFC would help the most but they and the majority of women do not vote Republican so they don’t seem to matter to them. The majority of people that I know and have spoken to like and want the ACA and a woman’s right to contraceptives is granted to them by law. But this doesnt seem to matter to the Teapublicans one bit in there efforts to turn back the clock.

Another thing that makes the Teapublicans so afraid of the ACA is a little known fact of a 1930’s federal law that gives consumers the right to register to vote when they sign up for insurance and no matter how much they try they can’t stop it. Imagen what a nightmare that would be for the Teapublicans, a bunch of poor working people registering to vote!

As much as I hate to say it I hope they go ahead with their plan. I hope the President stands firm for the American people and calls their bluff. And if they do shut down the government I hope every American voter remembers this when they go to the poles in both 2014 and 2916.

I am sorry if this post is very choppy and for any misspelled words but besides having my dander up I am also trying to type this on a new cell phone and I am still in the process of learning all the buttons and gizmos. As always feel free to post your comments and questions to this and any other post that I have published.













Happy Labor Day

On this Labor Day, the unofcial end of summer, I would take to take a few minuets to thank  labor unions and their members  throughout the United States, past, president and future. Without you this day would not be possible . With out you their would be no pensions, no Workers Com or disability pay. Without you their would be no 8 hour workday, no 40 hour workweek and no overtime pay and no holiday pay.

But corporate forces and big money interests are waging a battle against us trying to undo all the good you have done since the historic labor sit-down strike of the 1930’s, trying to cripple and or dismantle the the unions and destroy everything that we have accomplished in the last 80 some years and destroy the middle working class.

It has been 9 months since outside money and corporate interests  with the help of their Republican lackeys in the Michigan Republican legislature pushed right-to-work on the working people of Michigan home of the UAW and continue trying to push their will and agenda on the American workers nation wide.

It is my honest opinion that while the unions fight the battle in the courts to defend both private and governmental workers alike that we and our families and friends must do our part as well by remembering that we have the power that is needed to stop this corporate takeover and their deep pocket friends in their tracks. That power is our vote. The 2014 mid-term elections are just around the corner and I urge every worker, their family members and friends to register to vote and to show up to the poles on election day. And when you step into the poling booth to remember which of our Federal, State and local politicians stood up for the Worker and who stood against us and to vote your accordingly. The rich big shots may have the money but they only have one vote just like you and I and it’s time we make are voices heard.

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